OCTOBER 2021 Just published, in Language Variation and Change: New and old puzzles in the morphological conditioning of coronal stop deletion, with Meredith Tamminga.

AUGUST 2021 I appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth to discuss the linguistics of names.

FEBRUARY 2021 New website design for Our Dialects!

JANUARY 2021 Spring teaching: graduate-level Linguistic Variation, with Greg Guy, and an undergraduate research seminar on morphosyntactic variation, with Gary Thoms.

AUGUST 2020 Fall teaching: graduate-level Sociolinguistics, with Greg Guy.

AUGUST 2020 Just published (open access!), in the Computational Sociolinguistics issue of Frontiers in AI: Comparing constraints on contraction using Bayesian regression modeling.

JANUARY 2020 Just published, in Linguistics Vanguard: Assessing the accuracy of existing forced alignment software on varieties of British English, with Danielle Turton.

JANUARY 2020 Spring teaching: an undergraduate research seminar on language variation and change over the lifespan.

NOVEMBER 2019 I gave a short talk on the linguistics of names at A Space for Language: 10 Years of Linguistics at 10 Washington Place, a public outreach event celebrating NYU’s Linguistics Department. You can watch a video of the event here.

OCTOBER 2019 I was at NWAV 48 to present a poster on variable participle leveling in English, co-authored with Dan Duncan and members of my Spring 2019 Linguistic Variation class.

AUGUST 2019 Fall teaching: graduate-level Sociolinguistics and undergraduate-level English Dialects.

FEBRUARY 2019 Just published (open access!), in Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics: Perturbing the community grammar: Individual differences and community-level constraints on sociolinguistic variation. Part of a Special Collection on Individuals, Communities, and Sound Change.

JANUARY 2019 Spring teaching: graduate-level Linguistic Variation and undergraduate-level English Dialects.

JANUARY 2019 Mary Robinson and I presented our poster, Socially-evaluated syntactic variation? A perception study of the English particle verb alternation, at the LSA Annual Meeting.

DECEMBER 2018 Just published (open access!), in Language: Teaching Linguistics: What’s in a name? Teaching linguistics using onomastic data. Access the supplementary materials here.

NOVEMBER 2018 I led an outreach session for local high school teachers on the sociolinguistics of the musical My Fair Lady. This event was organized by Lincoln Center Theater, and I was joined by NYU PhD student Mary Robinson.

NOVEMBER 2018 I visited my PhD alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, to give a talk titled “Individual differences and community-level constraints on sociolinguistic variation.”

OCTOBER 2018 Just published, in Language Variation and Change: Variable stem-final fricative voicing in American English plurals: Different pa[ð ~ θ]s of change.

OCTOBER 2018 I was a proud co-organizer of New Ways of Analyzing Variation 47, taking place at NYU and at CUNY October 18–21.

SEPTEMBER 2018 The special issue of Linguistic Variation that I co-edited has appeared as a book.

AUGUST 2018 Fall teaching: undergraduate Language and Society.

JANUARY 2018 Spring teaching: a graduate seminar on language change, with Ailís Cournane.

DECEMBER 2017 Just published, in Linguistics Vanguard: Frequency effects over the lifespan: A case study of Attenborough’s r’s.

OCTOBER 2017 I visited Michigan State University on October 19 to give a talk titled “Language change over a very long lifespan.”

AUGUST 2017 Fall teaching: undergraduate Language and Society, and a graduate seminar on priming and frequency effects in variation, with Greg Guy.

APRIL 2017 I gave three invited talks this month, at the 4th Workshop on Sound Change, the CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch series, and the 11th Cornell Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium.

MARCH 2017 I was a panelist in NYU Linguistics’ public forum on Linguistic Prejudice and Linguistic Privilege. You can watch a video of the event here.

JANUARY 2017 Just published, in Linguistic Variation: The dynamics of variation in individuals, with Meredith Tamminga and David Embick. Part of a special issue on the locus of linguistic variation.

JANUARY 2017 Spring teaching: a graduate seminar on the grammatical locus of linguistic variation, and a new undergraduate course on English dialects.

DECEMBER 2016 Just published, in Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 22.2: Production planning effects on variable contraction in English.

OCTOBER 2016 I was in Iceland this month to kick off a project I’m involved in, studying digital language contact between Icelandic and English.

AUGUST 2016 I moved to New York University! I taught undergraduate Language and Society this semester.